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Ways To Journey With Me

Schan Ellis Robinson's book, BEING WOMAN

A Sacred Journey of Reconnecting to the Divine Truth of Who You Are! While sharing personal stories of vulnerability, courage, and healing, Schan takes us on her own personal journey of reconnecting to her divine truth, being a powerful woman, and a unique expression of God. Awakening to the truth that she is a “spiritual being having a human experience,” Schan tapped into the inner guidance that led her on a courageous pathway of awareness, truth-telling, and acceptance in an empowering way. In the process of her inner exploration, Schan discovered powerful tools to support her in developing a daily spiritual practice and in living a life of peace, love, and compassion. In addition to personal stories, Schan includes powerful exercises, practices, and prayers. It is her intention to be a reflection of hope for other women to step into their own shoes of courage to walk a pathway of self-discovery, exploration, and empowerment. Everything we need to know is already within us!


This 21-day journal is a journey of meditation and self reflection practices that will help you be more present, calm, and at ease to enjoy life every day!

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