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IBEING WOMAN™ facilitates an inner journey of women healing the Mind, Body and Spirit, A journey that creates a safe space for women to strip away layers that have covered up their authentic selves to then become rooted and grounded in Self Respect, Self Value, Self Self Worth, and Self Love.


In ancient days, Wise Women of the village would teach girls everything they needed to know about becoming a woman. Unfolding into womanhood is a sacred event. Unfolding into the fullness of woman takes time. It is necessary that women become naked and unafraid to take ownership and responsibility of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In doing so, we are able to make choices from a place of clarity and teach our girls how to do the same.


In healing ourselves, we heal our families, communities and nations. It is this courageous act of self work that we are able to AWAKEN to and UNAPOLOGETICALLY STAND in the Divine Truth of who are; A Powerful Woman. Here, Coach Schan will teach using a holistic approach of spiritual laws, principles and practices that will guide you on this sacred journey of Self Discovery. Welcome to the Village. The place where your birthright of being a powerful woman emerges. The place where you are more than your sister's keeper, YOU ARE YOUR SISTER! 

Join our online BEING WOMAN™ Facebook Community and experience the wonder and magic of the village of sacred sisters.  

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