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You've been holding your breath long enough.

Exhale and invite yourself into the depths of presence, peace, and pure joy. Welcome to your new way of being.

Schan Ellis Robinson Meditating

Hello Beautiful,
I'm Schan Ellis Robinson

Known for my ability to interrupt inner chaos and command calm with both my silence and my voice, I welcome those who are ready to shift into and become rooted in peace, power, and presence to experience this sacred space with me. 


As Founder of EXHALE by Schan, Spiritual Life Coach, Inspired Writer, Meditation Guide,  Sound, and Breath Facilitator, I carry many titles, however, when it's all said and done, I am, at my core, a Divine Being, having a human, womanly, earthly experience.

If you are a woman ready to connect to deep presence + peace then you are in the right place

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This course is for you if YOU:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

  • Have thoughts that are non-stop and you can't seem to quiet your mind.

  • Feel tightness in your body.

  • Desire to feel more grounded and aligned with peace.  

  • Are looking forward to integrating new self-care and healing practices into your life. 

In The Compassionate Pause course, 

Experience a sense of deep peace as you are guided into a state of relaxation, stillness, and non-doing. 
It is my intention to support you in gaining intuitive insight and inspiration through the indigenous art of meditation and breathwork.

Let us return home to ourselves with a compassionate pause.

Ways To Journey With Me

Soul Inspired Writing

You deserve to be heard.  Like each of us, there is a story within us anchored in the power to inspire and empower.  The world is ready for the brave and courageous voice that is deep within you.  There are many ways that you and I can work together. I have a unique, divinely inspired formula to guide you in writing your own book, or I can be your personal Inspired Writer to bring the words from your heart onto paper.  Click the link and I'll send you more about how we can journey this road together.   

Yoga Meditation &
Rest Rituals

Beloved, you are worthy of being nourished and grounded in peace, stillness, deep relaxation, and rest.  So often we pour out of ourselves so much and give ourselves so little.  I offer both group and one on one sessions of breathwork, guided meditation, and Yoga Nidra. When we care for ourselves on a deeper level, we can begin living life from the overflow of our cup, and our cup will never run dry.  Click the link for more info on how we can get started.  Your mind, your body, and your soul deserve this kind of nurturing.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The soul of us wants to be deeply loved, seen, heard, and supported.  We can give this gift to ourselves when we become in tuned with who we are through Presence and Grace.  Presence is the anchor that allows us to become aware of limiting beliefs, patterns, and experiences that have disempowered us.  Through our journey of grace and truth-teling, we uncover what holds us captive, spiritually connect with our Divine Higher Selves, and finally, heal to live our most authetic and deeply loved lives.  You are worthy to live this way, every day.  Your prayers are being answered.  Click the link and learn how we can begin our journey.  I'll be with you every step of the way.

I am a willing vessel.  Here to support us all in exhaling and being anchored in the deepest of love.  In this way of Being, we are able to cultivate healthy, lasting relationships first with ourselves and through that, can expand to others in such a way that is healing, nourishing, and nurturing to the entire community.  To have me lead your group or organization in this divine way, let's connect!


I love sharing inspirations and leading others through love.  It is with that love that I write, teach, and guide.  Let's connect to see how we align and how working together will mutually benefit the community and cultivate peace on the planet. 

BelovedYou Belong Here...

Stories for Women Who are Ready to
, Heal, & Elevate

Welcome to the Journal for Us by Us.

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