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Our Story

It was my vision to create a space that embodied the presence of stillness, peace and safety while offering tools for you to finally exhale by telling and standing in your own truth.   

With that mission in mind, I have curated a safe and sacred space for Black women and women of color to learn, heal, and elevate their well-being in a community that is grounding, and rooted in in love and divine order.

Daily peace is possible.  Cultivating calm is possible.  Radiant joy is possible.  It's all already within you. This is a space you can come to learn how to call it forth!


I am an intentional interrupter 


My power


 Divine Order


 Command Calm.


Through self-reflection, I was able to face and release some of my deepest fears, turn inward and awaken to my spiritual power. This new way of being led me on a deeper transforming journey of self-awareness, truth-speaking, and soul-awakening. The same spiritual laws, principles, and practices that I integrated on my return home to self love, are the same ones I teach today.

I have been meditating in some form since 1992 however began my journey of deep studying in 2015.  After reading Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and putting into practice what I’d learned, I went on a quest for teachings that could create more understanding for me around the philosophies of meditation, prayer, and spiritual laws.  This searching, which, soon became a hunger, led me to Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development and the lineage of Iyanla Vanzant. It was she, along with the Mamas and Elders who lovingly guided me on my spiritual journey of empowerment and certified me as a Spiritual Life Coach.  It was there that I learned a deeper awareness of indigenous wisdom, ancestral reverence and how to tap into my own divine essence and ways of being through meditation, breathwork, journaling, and ultimately self love.  


I thrive in creating spaces for women to feel safe and to just be.

This is why I created Exhale by Schan™, a sacred space that teaches mindfulness and meditation through breathwork, visualization, and journaling to lead us into a deeper state of stillness, rest, and deep relaxation.  At the culmination of my elevated journey at Inner Visions, I wrote a spiritual guidebook called BEING WOMAN where I share my healing experiences, lessons and tools for my sisters to be inspired and begin their own healing process.  Out of it, "Art of BEING WOMAN™," a life philosophy was born.  Art of BEING WOMAN explores and celebrates every area of femininity through self-awareness, inner child work, breathing techniques, sensual movement, chakra energy healing, sound therapy (chanting & music), and stillness, in a gentle way to encourage women to live a liberated life with pleasure, peace, joy, and grace.

When I Heal. Women Heal. The World Heals.

When I wanted to created a safe for women, I've always known that when women heal, we have the capacity to create space that heal the world, beginning in our own homes and in our communities.  I am honored that Exhale and Art of BEING WOMAN has worked with schools, programs, and non-profit organizations, inspiring the lives of both adults and youth.   


Check out my blog journal articles, Youtube channel along with podcasts I've been featured in!

Schan Ellis Robinson

Ways To Journey With Me

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