The world is ready for the courage buried deep within you!

You have so much to explore and express, but the question you may be asking yourself, 

Is my story good enough?

This is a question that every writer has asked themselves at one time or another. 

The answer is Yes!

  • What if you gave yourself permission to go within and explore your experiences and uncover their meaning for you?

  • What if you got clear about how you can use these experiences to move from pain to peace to impact?  

  • What if you released yourself from the victim story and started living on the other side of victory? ... and

  • What if through your own healing, you were able to share your soul message with the world? 

It’s time for you to unveil the story within you, and write the wrongs life has thrown at you. Become the author of your very own soul focused memoir and prepare to share your story with the world. You’re ready to become a courageous voice if you are,  


  1. Ready to heal through writing.

  2. You’ve completed 1+ years of self awareness work.

  3. You believe storytelling is a viable method of communication.


You are ready to break free.

Write and Publish Your Own Unique Story!


The ultimate package for writers who want to push through all limitations, tap into their courageous voice and share their story with the world.  This package comes with


  • SIX personalized one on one book coaching sessions with a certified life coach.

  • Guidance in learning detailed strategies of building a heart-stirring and effective memoir.

  • Customized heart assignments to guide you in going deeper into your process.

  • A writing and publishing plan for accountability.

  • Professional book editing, book formatting, and book cover design.

  • Copyrighting and ISBN attainment done for you.

  • Author Page created and book published on (ready for digital and print copies)

  • Checklists to support you in marketing your book

  • Templates to create your sales page and press release

  • Courageous Voices live interview to introduce your book to our core audience

  • Much More!


All you need to do is come with an open heart, mind, and spirit to do the inner work required to write your work!


I am also available as a ghostwriter to write your story for you!  If you are interested in me being your Inspired Writer, read more here and then let's connect and chat about your needs and how I can support you!




Join a Courageous Tribe Anthology and Share Your Story on the Same Platform as Writers Like You!  

Not quite ready to write a full book but still want to share a part of your story?

Being a contributing writer of an anthology is just for you! 


  • You become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR

  • You share a SACRED PLATFORM with other award-winning authors

  • You keep FULL COPYRIGHTS to your story and access to the book to have your very own book launches.


Being a part of an anthology, you get the best of both worlds!


Courageous Voices Anthologies only happen TWICE per year with a limited number of spaces available.  Enrollment is open now!



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