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Make the most of your day by setting your intention and creating a reality that works!




Hello Beloved Sunshine,

Setting your intention is one of the most important things that you can do to create the life you want.  Wayne Dyer said it best when he wrote, "Our intention creates our reality."  Intention is the creative force that fulfills our desires. Everything that is done or said starts with INTENTION whethere you are consciously aware of it or not.  


Intention means an act of mentally determining some action or result.  That means, it begins with your mindset! Intentions are like seeds that should be planted in fertile ground in order to grow.  You must release your intention into soil that is conducive to producing.  Your mind consciousness is that soil.  Begin thinking postiive thoughts, change your perspective towards an affirmative outlook, and lastly, develop and nuture the state of being grateful IN all things.  We must do ALL of those things even when we don't feel like it. 


So congratulations to you on taking steps to further your awareness AND taking action to make the most of your day.  

You are such an ACTION TAKER and I absolutely love that! You've decided to take control of your mind, your time & most importantly, your success!

For that, I want to say congratulations! You are doing something not many women have the courage to do and I am so proud of you!

This email is to make sure you have the worksheet and give you some tips on using it, because I want you to get started ASAP! Click here to go straight to the Worksheet!


Quick tips on using the Worksheet

Start using it right now!
Even if you are further into your day, you can benefit from having clarity and focus! Pull it out right now & GET FOCUSED! You can thank me later!

Make plenty of copies!
You don't want to wake up one morning and find that you've run out! I like to use a yellow highlighter and put a big 'X' on my last copy so it alerts me to make copies when needed!

Limit Distractions
When you are filling this out, do it in a quiet space so you can collect your thoughts. Try to devote at least 5 minutes to completing the worksheet without your cell, computer or other distractions!

Review It
At the end of your day, take a look at the worksheet and see how you did! Did an affirmation really get you through the day? Write it on a sticky not and put it in lots of other places for continued support & motivation! Was there a task you didn't complete? Then you know where to start tomorrow! 

Lastly, remember I am here to answer any questions you have! Simply reply to this email!

I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this worksheet has been in helping me stay positive and in a high vibration while I stay on task toward my business goals! I know you will have the same experience!

Success doesn't just happen! It comes through planning, action & the proper mindset!

ip Skills:



Ready to have more focus and clarity in the mornings but not sure where to get started? Download this free worksheet today to learn how to take action & gain success with more focus and clarity!

With This Worksheet, You Will:

  • Start the day off focused on your biz goals & mindset in check!

  • Maintain a high vibration throughout the day & attract success!

  • Reach your goals quicker with more focus & action!

Download the Worksheet now to get more clarity & focus!













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