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Welcome to Exhale by Schan

A Sacred Journey of Self Discovery and the Fullness of Life.

About the Exhale Experience 

Exhale by Schan - is a community for women who need space to pause, breathe, lean into stillness, heal through deep relaxation and reflection, and recharge themselves to flourish like the flowers they are. Join this sacred community of women who are being intentional about vibrating higher, elevating their joy, and living life with ease and radiant wellness.   


Community Circles

Engage in community healing circles and discussions that interests your wellness needs.


Yoga + Meditation

Turn inward wiith Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation recordings to support you on your journey of peace and ease.

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Classes & Workshops

Get access to courses + workshops. Plus exclusive discounts on premium coaching packages, programs and retreats.


About the Founder

Hey Beautiful! I am Schan Ellis Robinson and I am a certified yoga & meditation instructor, and certified Spiritual Life Coach. I founded Exhale because there was a time when I held my breath.  I held in every emotion, every frustration, every upset, and kept on living life.  It wasn't until I fully exhaled that I realized holding all of that energy in did not serve my highest good. It kept me from living life fully, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I created this wellness room for women like you to heal in a space that is safe and sacred. I learned from my Spiritual Teacher, Iyanla Vanzant, that "if it's in the chair, it's in the room."  This means that when we share our experiences in a loving space, there is another sister who may be facing the same experience. In this space, as we heal on our own terms, we create the space to inspire and be inspired by our tribe of sacred women. Your wellness journey is yours. Own it, live it, be it. You are being called to vibrate higher and to finally breathe.   Welcome to Exhale by Schan.

Exhale Plan

Choose Your

All plans are FREE for a limited time only.



I am super excited to launch Exhale.  For a limited time only, memberships are FREE.  


Please sign up here to join the waitlist and be the one of the first to join when Exhale opens it's doors!  

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