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Get SuperCHARGED through PRAYER!

Feeling Stuck on Your Daily Walk? Want to BE ENERGIZED and Ready to Live your Life with Creative Intention?


This eBook of supercharged prayers 

is for YOU!


Prayers can invoke an energy so powerful that it moves in ways that our physical eyes cannot see. Prayers give feet to the things that we think and what we say out of our mouths.


This book containts 10 intentional prayers, tools and strategies that tap into the very vortex of what we want to manifest in our lives. 


Good Health. 

Better Relationships.

A Greater Awareness of Self. 

A Manifestation of Money and Resources.

A Positive Way to Support Mental Wellness and MORE!



When You Purchase Today, you will get UNSTUCK & SUPERCHARGED to move forward with On PURPOSE, With PASSION, Through POWER and In PEACE!



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