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Welcome to Integrity Ink Publishing.  We take writing seriously and want to help you release your best work.  We are excited about the Write Your Story Beautiful Signature Author Program. It a direct extension of our Be Beautifully Inspired Life's coaching and mentoring which we provide the unique LOVE sessions when you sign up for the Author Program.  The program is FUN, PURPOSE-FILLED and of course stamped with our INKED In Integrity guarantee.  Let's get started writing your story beautiful today!    

Say YES to Transformation.

Change your Mind and Change Your Life!  

You've Got The Dream and The Desire. Now Is The Time To Free The Words From Your Heart, Release Your Legacy and Impact the World - With the Write Your Story Beautiful Signature Author Program.

Spiritual Life coaching is a tool to help you make positive changes in your life. It enables you to evaluate the choices and options that are open to you, and then turn that understanding into concrete action.


In other words, I will help you focus on achieving the goals and dreams that are important to you…even if you don’t know what they are just yet!


As your Spiritual Life Coach I can help you:

• Discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose.

• Develop clarity about what you really want in your life.

• Change self-defeating behavioral patterns that are holding you back.

• Improve your self-confidence and motivation.

• Create a plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

• Achieve results much more rapidly than you would on your own.



Do I Have to be Religious to Benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching?

Nope, not at all. Spiritual Life Coaching isn’t about religion. It doesn’t matter what religion you do or don’t belong to. Spiritual Life Coaching is concerned with that unseen power that makes you alive: your spirit.

It doesn’t matter if you use the words God, The Divine Presence, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, or no particular word at all. Regardless of what you call this inner voice or presence, Spiritual Life Coaching is about expanding the natural wisdom that resides there.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, my job is to encourage you to discover what you truly desire, help expand your vision of what is possible in your life, by unleashing the wisdom and strength that already resides inside of you.


How Does Spiritual Life Coaching work?

Coaching is a one-on-one conversation where I truly listen to your thoughts and ideas and then ask you questions that help you to think and make good decisions about what steps to take next. Above all, Spiritual Life Coaching is about taking action. My job is to help you put your decisions and plans into motion.

Even from our very first session together we will get you moving! No matter which coaching option you choose, you will leave with a concrete set of steps to start you on the next phase of your life’s journey. Spiritual Life Coaching is future focused and action oriented.

My one-to-one coaching sessions takes place over the phone. And since location poses no problems, I coach in all times zones! All you need is a phone and a comfortable, quiet space where you can talk and not be disturbed. You can relax and have your session in the comfort of your own home. I can even coach you while you’re wearing your pajamas. Whatever gets you motivated and focused and ready to go.



Is Spiritual Life Coaching Psychotherapy?

Although Spiritual Life Coaching sometimes focuses on the health and wellness, it is not therapy or psychotherapy. Spiritual Life Coaching is not an appropriate substitute for proper medical care for mental illness. However in many cases, coaching can complement your work with other therapies and counseling. I work with well-people to help them become even better!


How Do I Know if Coaching is Right For Me?

I work with people from many different walks of life– From busy Executives, and Stay-at-Home moms, to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other business owners.

Most of the people I work with are quite successful in many areas of their lives, but simply have a few areas that just aren’t going the way they want. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all motivated individuals who are ready and willing to think and do things differently in order to get different results.

In short, you’re ready to work with me if you know that you have alot of potential, but just haven’t quite figured out a way to bring all of your talent and years of experience into action yet.


Why is There a 3 month Commitment?

If you’re really ready for a change, I want you to jump in and make a 90 day commitment. This isn’t a financial commitment, it’s a psychological one.

To use a poker term, a 90 day commitment means you’re “all in” and ready to give it everything you got to make this change work, and to really make it stick. It means you understand that Spiritual Life Coaching is an investment in your future.

After 90 days, you can decide whether you want to continue. Only you will know when it is time to end. And although I’ll be sad to see you go, I’ll be thrilled to see you flying solo.


Are You Open to Negotiation on Price?

No, and here’s why: Your ability to pay the full amount for your coaching sessions allows me to do pro bono coaching and free community Yoga classes for non-profit organizations, community centers, and individuals who would otherwise have absolutely no access to my services due to their lack of resources and income.

I cherish this work and want to continue doing as much of it as possible. Paying full price for your coaching sessions is a Karmic win-win opportunity for you to help those in need.


OK, I'm in! How Do I Start Working With You Now?

I try to make getting started as quick and simple as possible.

Step 1: Click here and send me your intro questionnaire, so I can get to know you and send you additional information about what I can do for you..

Step 2: Next we'll set up a 10 minute phone consult just to make sure we’re a good match.

Step 3: After we decide to work together I'll e-mail you payment instructions and your Quick Start assessment worksheet.

Step 4: Once your payment is received, I'll e-mail you to schedule your first session!

Step 5: In your first session we’ll use your assessment form to fully explore your goals and areas you want to focus on. This structured session will form the foundation of our work to follow. From there, we will work together to create a schedule for future phone calls and e-mails.



How Do I Know Which Package is right for me?

If you’re ready to get a jump on your future and start dreaming BIG you’ll love The Dream Big Kick-Start Pack.

If you’re looking to live a bigger, braver, more passionate life, The Big Brave Life Action Plan might be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to take your success and soar to even greater heights you might be ready for The Inspired Brilliance Master Vision Plan.



Are You Available for Group Coaching?

Absolutely! In fact I love the group coaching approach because of the creative energy that is naturally created when people get in a room together and decide combine their positive energy.

Being coached within a group of motivated friends often brings about rapid discoveries and break-throughs you'll begin to see your own journey reflected in others. If you and your friends are as excited as I am about the power of group coaching, contact me and I’ll craft a custom group coaching package to fit your needs.










INSIGHT is great for self starters on a tight budget.  In this package you will receive TWO 30 minute intense coaching sessions.  You will also gain access to our private Facebook group where you will continue to receive encouragement and motivation, helping you to acheive your writing goals.


With INSIGHT, get the boost and accountability you need at an economical price!

PRIME is the ultimate package for writers who want to push through all limitations and take it a step further in becoming a published author.  With PRIME, you will receive all the perks of our IMPACT system, along with book editing, book cover design, AND book formatting for both digital and hard copy versions of your masterpiece. This comes will everything you'll need to have a complete manuscript ready for the printer and into the hands of your reader!


With PRIME, Reach your full potential with maximum return on your time and investment.

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