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While going through my own healing journey and Rites of Passage, I reconnected to the little girl inside. The one who found wonder and magic in her ability to imagine and create. It was during this journey of self-reflection and inner work that I discovered I was responsible for how I created and experienced my life so why not play and be happy in the process! During the completion ceremony, my spiritual teacher, Iyanla Vanzant, presented me with the name “Ayodele.” Ayodele in Yoruba means, “Joy has come home!” This is how Joyful Black Woman! was born! I wanted to create a Global Village Safe Space and high-vibe sisterhood for Black women who have done their inner healing work and are now ready to move forward in shifting their mindsets and manifesting their life all while cultivating joy! I wanted to provide a place where we could continue our journey of learning and growing together while playing and having fun in the process of creating our lives! Joy has indeed awakened, and come home!


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