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fIntroducing one of the #1 Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs EVER! 


The Entrepreneur


"How to Develop Your Darkest Storms Into a Thriving Business"




Over 8 Different Perspectives Of AMAZING info that will Inspire You to Take the

Plunge and Monetize the Message that is Known as YOUR STORY! Every time you read this book,

you'll be even MORE motivated and inspired to launch your vision!


Learn How to Take Your Failures in Life and

Use Them As Fertilizer to Fuel Your Success!


Have you ever wondered how you could make sense of every failure, mistake, heartache, set back or betrayal? Or perhaps you've had ideas of how you could profit from your pain.  I know it may sound a little weird but it is possible to transform your darkest storms into a profitable business, which ultimately gives you great joy in knowing it was all for the advancement of mankind.  


Carla R. Cannon shares how she developed her pain into power, along with seven women entrepreneurs co-authoring and contributing their personal journeys to entrepreneurship, including mistakes made along the way and strategies that have catapulted them to success!  


I am EXTREMELY excited that I get down to the nitty gritty of what I failed at and

how I turned those failures around for my benefit.


The Entrepreneur Blueprint is not just  book of stories but it gives critical steps, in a clear and concise way, for the aspiring entrepreneur to succeed.  Inside you will receive pearls of wisdom and secrets for success from topics:


- How to Identify and Profit From Your Passion

- How to Develop Your Gift Into a Thriving Business

- The Danger of Chasing More Than One Rabbit 

- Characteristics of a Kingdom Entrepreneur

- How to Build Your Business While Working a 9 to 5 and more!











So what are YOU waiting on?  It's time to step out of the box, walk in faith and manifest the success you want!


I know you can do it. because I believe in you.  Choose to live your legacy.  Take action NOW.  Subscribe and recieve your FREE Chapter of The Entrepreneur Blueprint.





















I you're REALLY READY to step out of the box detroy it and begin your walk NOW on the entrepreneurial journey, order your FULL copy of the book HERE.  You'll receive the tools you need to use

EVERY EXPERIENCE YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH to turn your passions into a thriving, profitable business! 


See you on the road of entreprepreneurship!












Meet Schan


“What I have learned from all the challenges in my own life, is to connect the dots to develop my purpose.  It helps me to answer what it is that I have been called to do in this season. I’ve learned to embrace mistakes as learning tools and to use failure as a fertilizer to assist me on my growth journey.  We all have the power to do this because beauty and greatness resides within us. That power is our weapon; it is the Spirit of the Most High.  That Spirit and ours are one. It assures us that if we keep fighting, keep pushing, keep walking, that one day it will become apparently clear that all things work together for our good.”


Schan Ellis, also known as the Story Strategist, is an inspiring personality and sought-after resource in women’s empowerment, along with professional, personal and spiritual development.  While using the art of storytelling, Schan skillfully weaves the compelling chapters of her life into the fabric of our daily lives. Her approach and mentoring style embodies spiritual laws and transparency to bring profound messages, self-discovery and a challenge to live intentionally. Her mission is to inspire growth, help others to awaken their greatness and actively make an impact on the world.  Schan believes that when we CHANGE our minds and live with PURPOSEFUL INTENTIONS, ordinary people can live and experience extraordinary lives!


As a woman of vision, passion and purpose, Schan remains grounded and refuses to be placed on a pedestal or accept any elaborate titles.  Her heart’s desire is simply to stay connected to the people she serves, motivate the masses, impact the world with her message and leave them being beautifully inspired. 



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