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What is the Be Beautifully Inspired 

Spiritual Life Coaching & Mentoring Program?


The Be Beautifully Inspired Spiritual Life Coaching & Mentoring Program is a community based, multicultural program that focuses on five areas of development for young girls, ages 8-12 and teens, ages 13-18. Those areas are


1.  Self-Awareness and Value,

2.  Education and Empowerment,

3.  Community Involvement,

4.  Creative Expression 

5.  Inner Authority and Leadership Development


Our programs are group empowerment workshop based and includes spiritual life coaching tools.  Spiritual Life Coaching is a great way to support young people in building self esteem, setting positive goals, developing skills, discovering passions and overcoming challenges such as anxiety, behavior issues, bullying and body image.


Our Program goals Include:

•Increasing a sense of self-awareness and value

•Improving perspective on learning and creative expression

•Assisting in setting goals, creating vision boards and living vision life plans

•Inspiring to expand outside the box and experience different cultures

•Encouraging to become more service minded and increase community involvement

•Empowering to become leaders





Sometimes young people need more indepth support.  The Be Beautifully Inspired program also offers one on one coaching sessions for youth.  If you'd like more information on customizing the experience, please contact us today to give your young girl or teen a positive, new outlook on the limitless possibilites of life!  




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