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...and so it began

I accepted the new call and began my journey into teaching.  In my first year, I lost myself.  All the tools that I learned and that I teach other women went out the window.  The stress overtook me and I did not feel any peace. I was drowing  and my once normal blod pressure went through the roof.  What I also saw were veteran teachers and educators also feeling burned out and overwhelmed.  I saw children who did not know their own self-worth and acted out in ways that screamed desperation for love and attention.  There was a unrelenting focus on statistics and meeting numbers and less focus on social emotional learning.  I was falling into that pattern, trying to people please, and this is why my peace was gone.  I had yet to master the merge of academics and mindfulness om a meaningful way that was beneficial to all.  

My why was now making itself clear.

When I reconnected to who I was, It became clear why I was there.  When I released control and stepped into this understanding, this new life assignment became clear!  I shifted my energy and my approach.  This opened the door to creating the Good Vibes Classroom.  Through the Good Vibes Classroom, I offer meditation and mindfulness practices, sessions, and social emotional workshops for students, teachers, school districts, and organizations serving teachers and students.  Each practice, session, and workshop is rooted in the principle of Self-Love.

Ways to Serve You and Your Organization!

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