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Healing is love being applied to wounds. To heal yourself is to love yourself!  

 My Write to Heal is a deeper Sacred Soul healing writing journey

that explores each area of the 7 Level Healing Path 


Know Yourself

See Yourself

Be Yourself

Accept Yourself

Trust Yourself

Honor Yourself

Appreciate Yourself


This SEVEN week writing journey explores foundational principles and introduces you to a

learning formula that can be applied to every experience of your life.  

What You Will Get from your sacred soul healing writing journey is

1.  A foundation for evaluating and understanding your own personal growth and healing process.



2.  A basis for recognizing and acknowledging challenging beliefs and behaviors that are essential to the creation or re-creation of "your world".


3.  A resource of principles that provide a structure to transform your beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors to free any emotionally stuck energy to live life more freely. 



4.  A wealth of spiritual tools, practices, and assignments that gently move you from your head to your heart.


5.  A non-judgmental approach to addressing personal difficulties and challenges with self-compassion, inner cooperation, and radical forgiveness.  


6. A learning formula of experience plus the knowledge that you can use heal wounds and develop scar power 


7.  A self-supportive vehicle of positive reinforcement that gives yourself permission to celebrate each step of your healing journey.



Who is This Jouney Is For?

This Healing Through Writing Journey is for the Woman Who Is

  • Ready to see into her soul and heal from that place  

  • Ready to release energy blocks and live more fully

  • Ready to get clear about her soul's calling

  • Ready to face a personal relationship shift

  • Ready to let go of unforgiveness and is ready to release and grow

  • Ready to release the words from her heart and tell her truth

  • Ready to share her story from a place of scar power rather than wound reactions

Healing is about taking responsibility and accountability for your life.


You have a WRITE to HEAL!


Next class begins OCTOBER 8 

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