AYO REIKI - Level 1 Training - Certification

AYO REIKI - Level 1 Training - Certification


Reiki is a beautifully sacred modality that is used to channel ancient and personal life force energy for healing. In Reiki 1, you will get attuned to Reiki which opens up this channel for you to begin healing yourself on a deeper level. In Reiki Level 1, you learn how to be a Healer to yourself because you will always be your first work.   

Ayo, which means Joy in Yoruba is infused into my practice and is my gift to awaken joy when I practice Reiki on myself and others.  During one of my own spiritual Rites of Passages, I was blessed with the name, Ayodele which means "Joy Has Come Home."Joy is one of the core principles of our natural states of being.  Attunements with this focus brings you into alignment and complete union with this principle so that you can begin cultivating more of it in your life. 


AYO Reiki 1 Training Highlights

  • Learn the history of Reiki from Japan and how I infuse African traditions
  • Learn West African symbols to use for affirmations and meditation
  • Discuss the 13 Guidelines for Yoruba Self-Development
  • Learn attributes of the 7 major Orisha and how they
  • Learn aura clearing and breathing techniques
  • Learn chakra basics and how to ground, clear, and protect your energy
  • Learn how to give a full body Reiki treatment and transformation on yourself
  • Receive attunement that enables you to channel the Reiki energy
  • Practice intuitive work completing a Reiki session
  • Begin a 21-day energetic cleanse that balances the chakras, using 
  • AYO Reiki Level 1 Certificate

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