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BEING WOMAN ~ A Sacred Journey

BEING WOMAN ~ A Sacred Journey


Schan Robinson shares her powerful journey of courage to go deep within to uncover the masks, interrupt the lies and limiting beliefs she told herself, and to break the patterns of fear.  On the Pathway of BEING WOMAN,


Schan realigned her mind with Spirit, rediscovered her voice, and reconnected to the Divine Truth of who she is, a POWERFUL WOMAN!


"In this book, I tell the truth to myself about myself.  That's how true transformation is mastered!"


BEING WOMAN is not just book of stories but it gives critical steps, in a clear and concise way, for women to live better in life. Seven women come together to share their life experiences of overcoming pain and uncertainty to standing in their truth of courage and power!   


Inside you will receive spiritual knowledge and wisdom on:


- How to Reconnect to Spirit

- How to See Yourself and Tell the Truth Without Judgment

- How to Take Ownership, Responsibility, and Accountability

- How to Get Clear on What You Want in Life

- How to Embrace Your Divine Feminine Self and more!



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