Guided Meditation for Clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Guided Meditation for Clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra


Our Solar Plexus Chakra is our seat of power.  It is the core of who we are and holds our stength.  When this chakra is out of balance we can feel sluggish, unable to accomplish goals and we can experience an unhealthy lack of self esteem and self confidence.  On the physical level, when this chakra is unbalanced, we can experience issues with our digestion system because of "undigested" emotional energy blockages.  Clearing the Solar Plexus chakra is an awesome gift to yourself and will support your in standing in your truth and sitting in your power!  When you are clear, you can show up in the world BEING WOMAN!


The great thing about this gift if that you get to do it right in the privacy of your own home!  

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