I Am CLEAR - Spiritual Bath for Cleansing and Consecrating


The "I Am CLEAR" is both a spiritual mantra infused into a spiritual bath.  As we cleanse and consecrate our energy, we create the space to receive more clarity and spiritual alertness.  You may pour the bath into your bath water, or you may use in the shower by rubbing the salts and herbs over your body.  As you touch yourself, speak the mantra, "I am clear" along with other positive affirmations you choose.  This is mindful self care. Each part of you deserves your attention and care. 

  • Ingredients and Spiritual Properties

    These spiritual baths were energetically infused with

    and created with...
    Black (sea salt mixed with activated charcoal) – Potent removal of negative energy 
    Himalayan – Regulates sleep, relieves stress, encourages inner harmony
    Sea Salt - Stimulates purification and release of negative toxins

    Lavender Oil - Opens you up for spiritual healing, calms emotions and eases the mind.

    Lemon Oil - Helps you wake up, focus and bring clarity

    Rose Oil - Balances the heart chakra and inspire positive feelings, deepens meditation when applied to the heart, throat and third eye chakra.
    Cedarwood – Cleanses negative energy and protection against it
    Peppermint – Invigorates and stimulates the conscious mind.

    Yellow Rose - Supports in opening your heart, and self-love
    Red Rose – Supports in opening your heart, and self-love

    White Rose - Supports in opening your heart, and self-love
    Lavender – Promotes calm, peace, and purification
    Calendula – Inspires optimism, happiness, health, healing, and life vitality
    Mugwort – Spiritual cleansing, healing, consecration, and intuitive development

  • Shipping

    To keep the sacredness of the process, spiritual baths are prepared to order and will ship 3-5 days after your order has been placed.  

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