Manifest the POWER WITHIN!

Manifest the POWER WITHIN!


Master the POWER WITHIN  is a vision journey that supports you in aligning who you are with the life you desire.  You'll learn spiritual laws, skills, principles and practices that will support you in IDENTIFYING issues and clarify your life's vision, INTEGRATING solutions through inner work, and IGNITING your plan through self alignment!


In this 3 hour online retreat, you will be doing your work through sacred group conversations facilitated by Schan, self-inquiry through guided meditation, and through the sacred art of writing to develop your very own Living Vision Life Plan.  With this plan, you will be able to see your vision laid out before you, see your desired intentions, and corresponding action steps.  You'll also be able to identify where you're not holding yourself accountable and areas you may see yourself challenged to complete.  Self-awareness, acknowledgment, accountability, and action is a beautiful path to discovering who you are and staying committed to manifesting your life's vision! 


Where: Online (A link will be sent to you in your welcome letter)

When:  Saturday, January 30th

Time: 9am-12pm est.

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