Release! - Fall Equinox Detox

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Detoxing will allow your body an opportunity to release toxins, parasites, and wastes from your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Detoxing, or fasting is a way to purify ourselves and to add overall wellness to your life. We detox during the change of every season to raise our vibrations and to keep our bodies light. This is called doing our work.

This journey integrates spiritual laws, principles, and practices. 

As a bonus, you'll learn some ancient healing techniques that you can use to enhance your detox and your everyday life.

What's included
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Support Videos
A Live Meetup each week.

Detox begins on September 23rd through October 7th. 

Email guidance will be sent to you to support you on your journey.

Beloved, I'll be with you every step of the way.

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