Meet Schan


Hey Ya’ll.

Lol…Yes, I am a Southern Girl!


So here’s the scoop.  I’m down to earth, Augusta, GA born and raised, and I live a joy centered life.  You’ll find me smiling or laughing at something because truly I like the lightheartedness of life.  I don’t want to take everything so stiffly serious and if I find myself doing that, I quickly snap out of it!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Being joyful and inspiring others is the vibe I infuse when I’m writing, coaching, or teaching. 

While I have degrees and certifications, I know that it is my God-given gift for both inspirational writing and creating safe spaces for others to transform through vulnerability and self-awareness that makes me unique in the services I provide.


As an Inspired Writer, I support aspiring authors, who want guidance in transforming their ideas into words, getting over the “proverbial writer’s block” and penning their life stories. Through a system that I created, I have merged life coaching with writing to develop a process that helps you to write with love, compassion, and forgiveness which are essential ingredients when writing meaningful stories. I also work with Life Coaches and other heart-centered leaders who need inspirational copy and content for their business, blogs, and books. I understand how time demanding it can be to run a business on the front end, so I’m here to help with the backend writing needs…ghostwriting books, social media posts, articles, website copy, course content, etc.


As a Spiritual Life Coach, now before you get to thinking, religion…it’s not…at all! (smile), I teach universal principles, spiritual laws, and life skills that promote harmony and inner peace, inspire emotional well-being, and impact optimal performance and positive choices. I infuse and incorporate healing arts such as mindfulness, meditation, and energy movement. I work one on one, with families, businesses, and community-based organizations.


I am available to facilitate creative workshops, team building, and retreats for your tribe, empowerment group, afterschool program, women's ministry, and more.

Lastly, I want to share with you my vision. I am the founder of The Art of BEING. I imagine a world where we are all reconnecting to our Divine Higher Selves and living life with joy from the inside out. The vision has begun with The Art of BEING WOMAN. This is an online sacred safe space to learn the art of reconnecting to your Spiritual Power, restore inner balance and reclaim the lessons, blessings, and gifts of womanhood. We also have retreats twice per year.  For women who want to take their journey deeper, I offer The Art of BEING WOMAN Program, a 9 week, one on one journey that is intuitively customized to your life. the BEING WOMAN Playbook is for those women who prefer a self-study. This book is great for teenage girls and women of all ages.


If you're ready to write your book or want more information about coaching programs workshops, classes, and retreats, reach out to me at and let's connect!  

So How Did All This Come About?

As far back as I can remember, writing and bold imagination has always been my joy.  The earliest writings I have is a poem I wrote when I was six years old. My first “writing business” came in 2000 when I was in my early 20s.  I was writing poetry at my desk and another young lady saw it and encouraged me to turn my words into greeting cards and calendars.  I had no idea what business was, however, I knew writing and I knew how to inspire in way that was healing, encouraging, and motivating.  Fast forward to 2011.  After posting inspirational messages on Facebook, friends on my timeline kept asking me “when was the book coming out?’  Well, writing an inspirational book wasn’t on my mind and I didn’t even know where to start.  So, I started documenting my Facebook posts into a Word document and a friend of mine offered to create a book cover and do the typesetting.  Just that simple, my first book was born!  It was devotional called, Be Beautifully Inspired: A 90 Day Guide of Poems, Prayers, Articles, and Affirmations to Inspire the Spirit.  Just like the greeting cards and calendars 11 years prior, people were interested in buying the book.  This is when I truly began to embrace my gift.  Before then, I just knew I loved words.  Now I knew that my words had the power to give life.    


It would be a few years later when I discovered my passion for life coaching.  I had started having mini-workshops for women and girls who were interested in creative writing, journaling and writing their life stories. Oftentimes writing sessions turned into “life sessions.” Girls felt safe in my presence to share their challenges and issues while women asked for counsel and guidance. I knew that there was something within me that attracted these “sessions.” So, the curious, intuitively seeking side of me went on a quest for self-awareness. That search led me to Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development.  It was there that I learned how to examine my own life, my own thinking, and my own ways of being. I discovered myself in ways that I could not even imagine before.  It was on this personal journey of self-discovery that I cultivated my gift of creating safe spaces, and I deepened this gift through meditation and writing. At my completion ceremony, I was given the name, Ayodele, which means “Joy has come home.” I remember my joy and I ain’t afraid to share it! 


I know how to ask the deeper questions with love, and I know how to spark the writer inside.  Through my natural gifts, experience, and training, I effectively merged the healing art of writing and the transformative design of life coaching into a uniquely powerful journey that you get to choose from. That just makes me so excited that I’m smiling from ear to ear typing it!


My vision is to create a Universal SACRED SPACE where men, women, children, and families can come experience transforming books and workshops, along with the healing arts of writing, mindfulness, meditation, retreating, and just disconnecting from the outside world to reconnect with themselves, relax, recharge, and just be!  The first phase of this has begun with the Art of BEING WOMAN.   


So, in a nutshell, this is me and a little bit about how I got started in this wonderful world of writing and coaching. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or sign up to my email list and get inspiration delivered right to your mailbox!

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