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In many cultures, butterflies are a soulful symbol embodying positive change. It is the progressive transformation from one stage in life to another more beautiful and more radiant than before.  It is a constant transition, representing rebirths and new beginnings. In ancient times, the butterfly promoted wisdom and   everlasting knowledge.


This is the essence of

Self Discovery. 


Through my own personal journey of self discovery and healing, I have learned this… I must be willing to do the inner work necessary to learn and live better!  



Inner work requires commitment to self, courage to be open, and a willingness to stay connected and plugged into the process.  This level of work will support you in discovering, healing and releasing blockages, old beliefs and patterns of behavior that may be present in your mental and emotional being.  



Workshops at the Self Discovery Institute, supports you in doing your inner work in a loving way that promotes clarity and confidence to then do your conscious outer work and make choices that are self honoring.


The workshops are designed to explore th "total" wellbeing  of women and girls by raising human consciousness and self awareness, enhancing her self-esteem, broadening spiritual perspectives, and providing skills and tools that supports the journey of wholeness.  



This, Beloved, is how you begin to grow, expand, and transform.

We invite you to join us!


To find out more information about a particular Self Discovery Institute Workshop you would like to attend or bring to your next event, connect with us and let's begin this journey together! 


EmpowHER with Possibilities!™ 
EmpowHER with Possiblities™, a FOUR part group coaching series that taps into a woman's FULL potential to awaken and live authentically!


  • Gain clarity for what YOU really want to manifest.

  • Uncover any limiting beliefs that may have YOU stuck.

  • Unlock the principles of OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBLITY,



A Write to Heal™

A Write to Heal™ is an awesome workshop that focuses on healing emotional wounds through writing.  There is energetic power in words and writing our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions, can lead to a life changing epiphany. 


  • Uncover buried emotions in a safe environment.

  • Explore the dynamics and roles of old patterns of belief and pathologies.

  • Embark upon a personal path of healing through forgiveness work and writing


Be the Vision™

In the Be the Vision™ workshop, we develop a living vision life plan through exploring what it is that you really, really want and how you  BE in the world to reflect your desires and manifest the vision.  We do that through creating the Vision, Intention and Prayer that will cover, energize and guide your life.  This is called "Living in V.I.P." 


  • Write the the vision YOU see and want for your life

  • Learn techniques on writing effective intention statements

  • Learn the scientific art in creating Petition Prayers

  • Choose three areas of life YOU want to focus on and see tranformation in the next 12 months

  • Create Action Steps that YOU can be committed to

  • Have fun and get excited about Living in V.I.P.!



I Am Powerful!™

The I Am Powerful™ workshop aims to educate, empower and inspire girls age 8-12, to disover their inherent power and experience enlightenment through emphasizing the Principles of Love, Courage, Creativity and Connection. This workshop includes the beauty of meditation, yoga, African dance, creative writing, and trust-building experiences. In sacred sharing circles, girls will learn th eart of creating authentic connections by being open, honest, releasing judgments and  discovering the strengths in eachother.   



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