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Make Your Story Beautiful | EmpowHERed Woman: Anissa Short | "Your dreams are outside of your c

Hey Sunshines,

Many would say that it’s not every day you’ll meet someone that’s as positive and vibrant as yourself. I’m not sure if that’s true, but what I do know is I’m thrilled that I have met such an uplifting woman as Anissa. Her bubbly personality and love for life was just the woman I wanted to highlight for our "EmpowHERing Woman" blog series.

Anissa is a Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Independent Consultant who lives in Fayetteville, NC. She is originally from Memphis, TN and received an undergraduate degree in business at LeMoyne-Owen College, later earning an MBA from The University of Mississippi. Anissa considers it her mission to enrich lives through service and to serve as a catalyst in assisting women gain financial freedom through home based entrepreneurship.

Anissa is Bold. Daring and is an EmpowHERing Woman. Read along to learn more about Anissa as she continues to Make HerSTORY Beautiful.

The Interview

Sincerely Schan: What was your motivation in becoming a Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Independent Consultant?

Anissa: First let me say that there are two instances that best answer your question. I initially signed my consultant agreement in 1998 to use this vehicle of Mary Kay Cosmetics to make extra income for Christmas. Within my first few years, it was only a tool that served the purpose of extra income when desired and a great savings on my own products. My decision to "become" a Mary Kay Consultant came several years later when I realized that this business opportunity is truly the vehicle I could use to not only strengthen my financial status, but to create a legacy that would include making a difference in lives others.

Sincerely Schan: The word passion…What does that mean to you? How to do you use passion to grow to your business?

Anissa: I would describe passion as that fire or flame that never goes out. It is the thing that

calls to you in the middle of night and the thing that resonates from within. Passion keeps you on track, and it is the thing that reminds you of your greater calling or purpose when you find yourself becoming idle. My passion fuels my work. While I admit that I have not attained the level of success I truly desire, it is my passion that reminds me to never quit and encourages me to tell others to never quit as well. .

Sincerely Schan: As a woman in business, how do you empower other women?

Anissa: My natural inclination is to encourage. This, coupled with my gift to teach and my love of laughter, is what I use in serving others. My service to women (and to all of humanity) is to remind them of who they are, what they are capable of achieving, and the true value they bring to their families and their community.

Sincerely Schan: What makes you Beautifully Inspired?

Anissa: My hope, my faith and my unfailing belief in the impossible is what keeps me inspired. After all, my God is the infinite source and creator of all things.

Sincerely Schan: If you could think of ONE word that describes you, what would it be and why?

Anissa: My word would be joyful. Despite life's twists, turns, challenges, and periods of grief and sorrow, I choose joy. In this state, I am at my strongest and at my best.

Sincerely Schan: What is your greatest life lesson?

Anissa: It is not always what happens to you, but your attitude about that which has happened that determines your quality of life. Attitude is everything.

Sincerely Schan: Lastly, what advice would you give readers in stepping out on faith and following their dreams?

Anissa: I would offer the following: a) Faith is strengthened only by truth so be careful who you choose to listen to and in what you choose to believe. b) Your dreams are outside of your comfort zone, so playing it safe will never work. c) Take advice only from those who have accomplished what you desire with the level of integrity in which you respect. d) Consider all your effort and sacrifice as seeds planted. Just as not all seeds germinate immediately, lasting success doesn't happen overnight. e) Despite the challenges and disappointments, don't quit.

Truly this is great advice and I wholeheartedly believe that dreams are outside of our comfort zones. We must STRETCH ourselves in order to get the BEST out of ourselves. I do believe that every EmpowHERing Woman has a heart to give. Anissa’s charity event, Pumps and Pearls, will be held on October 24, 2015 and serves three purposes.

(1) It serves to support women in business.

(2) It serves to celebrate the life of survivors and those who have overcome great challenges due to cancer or domestic violence.

(3) It serves to bring awareness to and financial support for the Mary Kay Foundation, which provides financial support towards the research of cancers affecting women, and the financial support of domestic abuse shelters nationwide, as well as programs geared towards its eradication.

For more information about the company or the foundation, go to Anissa's page on For more information about Anissa’s event, “Pumps and Pearls”, please email her at with the caption “Pumps and Pearls” in the subject line.

Lastly if you need your Mary Kay fix or would like a complimentary consultation, please email Anissa or you can find her on Facebook! She looks forward to EmpowHERing YOU!

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!


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