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Inspirational | Which Character Blocks Are You Using?

Hey Sunshines!

If just learning from your mistakes builds good character then all of us would have it! However, learning from mistakes simply teaches us how not to do the same thing again or the same thing the same way again. The decisions that we make after learning the lessons can either build "Bad" character or "Good" character.

Character development is similar to building blocks. There are many different blocks on our life’s journey of building that we can experience. However, herein lies the place where the rubber meets the road. We are given our own free will and we come to a place of experiencing those “mistakes” or “setbacks”, God will present us with a block, but so will the devil. When we choose and accept the block that we want, we then apply them to our daily lives. We can choose and apply a "Jealously Block" or a "Forgiving Block"; a "Deceiving Block" or an "Honesty Block"; a "Hatred Block" or a "Love Block". See where I'm going with this? Blocks are used to build. They can also be used build walls that guard and protect or walls that keep positive energy from flowing in or out. Think about this way, if we consistently choose “Godly Blocks” then we will build up a defense that will protect us from the wiles of the enemy. But if we choose “Devilish Blocks”, we have no such protection. The enemy has the opportunity and make no mistake about it will infiltrate your blocking system.

Love, forgiveness, loyalty, decency, order, kindness, gratitude and the like must be awakened in our DNA, manifested in our NOW lives and further birthed into our offspring. When we go through experiences in life, both good and bad, building blocks are presented to us. We must make the decision which block we'll choose to build our homes.

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD Be Beautifully Inspired!