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Health and Wellness | Schan Gets Fit | Week 1 Recap | 5lbs Down, 95 MORE to GO!

Hey Sunshines,

Not only am I down 5lbs, I also lost ½ inch in my bust. Woohooooo!!!!!!! That is truly a victory and I celebrate it. My short term goals are to:

1) INCREASE physical activity to 3 days per week (this is coming from sporadically to non – existent) and

2) LOSE 30lbs by August 30th. My weight loss this week is a step in the right direction.

I’m proud to say that I trained 3 days this week AND walked 2 days. I exceeded my physical activity goal this week...Yessssssss!!!!!!!! *Insert Tiger Woods fist pump here*

My meal plan, specifically designed by my personal trainer allows me 1200 calories on days I train and 750 calories on days that I don’t. Honestly I don’t believe I’ve been able to reach the 1200 calorie mark. Filling up on fruits, veggies , lean meats and smoothies have been a great help. Did I mention she also gives one cheat meal a week? My cheat meal this week was cubed steak for Sunday’s dinner. That was soooooo good! Lol

Although I didn’t lose any inches in in my waist and hips just yet, I’m confident that I will. And YES, 95 MORE pounds to lose is NO mistake. That’s THE PLAN in my LONG TERM goal setting! I would tell you how much I weigh now, but I’m not there yet to be TOTALLY exposed…Lol…My intentions are to be fit and healthy.

So on day one, June 1st, I began taking the Resolution Forumula 20 drops by Total Life Changes. I did have some pros and cons with that. Check out my blog post, Resolution Drops review to get my thoughts.

So now AFTER week1 , what do I REALLY think about my personal trainer, Lori Parker? She is simply amazing!!! She is an awesome motivator and makes sure to give positive reinforcements to keep me going EVERY DAY. I can always count on a daily "How are you feeling" from her. Lori's style is no nonsense and she’s serious about the success of her clients, but she also gives modifications for all workout plansl Lori TRULY wants the best for her clients and my experience has been nothing short of GREAT. She even puts up with my whining and goofing off! Lol. If you are looking for a personal trainer who is serious about your success and DOES NOT cost an arm and a leg, I highly recommend Lori. Reach out to her here and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! If you're not in the area, she also offers virtual training sessions. NO EXCUSES. NONE! Join, why don't ya? :-)

What's totally great is that I did all of my training AT HOME! No need for gym memberships if you don't want. Trust me, you will FEEL the BURN without using machines at all!

Check out a few of my "unedited" workout pics from this week and stayed tuned for my second week in review!

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!



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