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How to Write an Amazing “About Me” Page That Stands Out and is as Easy

Hello Fellow Writers,

If you’re like me, writing “about myself” is a bit blah. It’s not as fun and exciting as the other pages you’ve written, like your Home Page or Products and Services. No, your About Me page is talking about YOU! Or is it?

In a sense, your About Me is about you. However, for the bigger picture, your About Me page should cater to the anticipated needs and desires of your readers, potential customers, partners, collaborators, public relations executives, other writers, etc. You want them to feel secure in the website they’re reading or in the person they are interested in hiring. The About Me Page should be easy as P.I.E.; Passionate, Influential and Empowering. Those reading about your for the first time are likely reading it to decide if they want to invest time in building a relationship with you.

Posting pictures all over your About Me page is not a great idea, although I wouldn’t mind looking at photos of you, your family and precious dog Denver Rose. Denver Rose is my pup by the way! However, minus the hundreds of photos, you need to make your About Me page pop. I love how Personal Branding Coach, Alease Michelle’s “About Me” page is set up. It has memorable visual appeal, bold fonts, color changes, “what others are saying” AND it:

SHOWS PASSION: Her word choice shows that she’s passionate about what she does. In her passion, she GET THE POINT ACROSS. The goal is to tell the reader who you are by showing them what you can do for them and what you have done for others. If you are proud of particular post or have created some awesomely creative products, showcase them here!

SHOWS INFLUENCE: You “feel” that she’s an expert at her craft. Not only you, but the other people who are saying great things about her! You can do this by adding a great “Nice Things People are Saying” section or something similar. A good About Me page needs to mention your successes. Give examples why site is worth reading and why a potential prospect should work with you.

SHOWS EMPOWERMENT: Alease empowers you with a FREE Action Guide that will show you how to “Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye!” Your About Me page should inspire and empower the reader. Give them something of value. Something that would make them want to return for more of what you have to offer!

Some more GREAT About Me pages are HERE.

Overall, BE CLEAR about what you what the reader to walk away with. Show how passionate you are about your own work, be influential and getting others see your passion and lastly empower them with value. Your About Me page should convince your reader into wanting to KNOW MORE, READ MORE and BUY MORE!

Until next time,


Writing them is more than a hobby, it’s a passion and I love doing it. I’d also love if you’d please consider giving it a share, or you can subscribe below to get updates sent to directly to your inbox. It's absolutely free and always will be - that's how I like it!

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