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Got 30 Days? Take the Challenge...Write a Book!

Hello Writers! November is National Novel Writing Month and Schan Ellis Studios is PROUDLY taking on the challenge...What's the challenge, you ask? Writing a 1st draft manuscript of WHATEVER you want! Maybe novels aren't your thing but have you been toying around with the idea of writing a poetry book? Cookbook, a children's story or memoir? Whatever your writing dream, let's take the next 30 days and get it done! Thirty days are going to go by anyway so why not write a book? You have the "write" to succeed in becoming an author and I want to help in your success! I opened up 10 spots in my Integrity Ink Intensive Writing Challenge and after first announcing it a few days ago, I'm super excited that there are now only 6 spots available! To join the challenge is absolutely FREE! Here's what else you get at absolutely NO COST to you:

  • Online motivation and encouragement from successfully published authors

  • Join a community of other writers in a private Facebook group to network and brainstorm with each other.

  • Receive weekly writing tips and next steps towards publishing

  • Get a 30 Minute Coaching and Writing Strategy Session with me at the end of your challenge

What are the added BENEFITS of joining?

  • Get your creative juices flowing and finally complete the manuscript you been dreaming of writing

  • Begin your journey of moving from writer to published author

  • Gain the confidence to setting your writing goals and knock them out like the BOSS writer you are

So if you WANT IN, sign up here at the Be Beautifully Inspired Writing Challenge, >>> and let's get ready to ROCK ON, Writer! The world is waiting on your story. Make it work and #makeyourstorybeautiful! Be BRAVE, BE BOLD. WRITE. Sincerely,