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Your Monday Morning Motivational Moment

Happy Monday, Sunshines! I truly believe that we are stronger than we know. When we go through trials, tests, obstacles and the like, it can "feel" so heavy. We can "perceive" it to be the most difficult thing to go through, but once we are through it and threw with it, we look back and say, "I made it. I did not die. I am a survivor!" If you are reading this email, TRUST and KNOW that you were created for "such a time as this." You are breathing ON PURPOSE because you have work to do THIS DAY and in THIS lifetime! You could have been born in the 1800s or in the year 2060, but GOD chose to "birth" you when he did because your presence is needed NOW. Your gifts, your talents, your seed to the earth are needed in THIS day and age. So you see, whatever you have been through, going through now or will go through in the future, God has prepared for you it. Keep pushing and don't get discouraged! You are STRONG enough! Be Motivated and go BIG on this Monday! Sincerely,