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I Want to Write a Book. Do I Outline or Not? That is the Question!

So you want to write a book and a logical question would be, “well how do I start?” Well here it is simply. You can write out your ideas in an outline OR you can throw caution to the wind and JUST write!

One of my favorite ways to write is unplanned and from the heart. I like to just sit down at my computer or take a note pad with me to the beach and let it flow. However, the more I write, the more I really do enjoy the art of outlining also. I wrote about it in the blog post, Outlining 101: How, Why or Whatever!” There, I offer some great tips on the outlining process.

In this post, I’m sharing a different approach.

The approach of “Less Planning, More Story"

What works for one writer, may not work for everyone. It really is about WHO you are as a writer, HOW you feel about the particular project at hand, and most importantly, WHAT works best for you.

Many experienced writers are absolutely diehard fans of outlining. Some writers will tell you that they absolutely will not start writing their manuscript until they have at least a certain amount of chapters plotted and outlined along with all primary characters sketched out and a written summary of their story. Plotting, planning and pre-writing are the 3 Ps and keys that can be used for successful novel writing, especially for new novelists.

However, it’s not the only way to produce a standout manuscript. Other writers will tell you that they never intend to start a new novel. It just happens. The unplanned writing process takes away limitations for the writer to create something fresh and surprising. This doesn’t mean that the writer is unprepared. It’s simply a different approach that has garnered some amazing literature! Think of it this way. An artist may sketch a garden they’ve seen in passing without thinking about its distinct features. A singer may sit down to write lyrics without knowing how the end of the song may come out. They dared to just start writing without any pre planning and a great piece of work was born.

As a writer myself, I would encourage you to try it both ways. The writing process should not be grueling and taxing. I’m not saying it’s all easy either but you should definitely intend to appreciate the process and try to have fun doing it!

Your writing is art. Your writing is you. Your job is simple; It’s to CREATE!

Until next time, remember to write and #makeyourstorybeautiful.

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