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There is Beauty in the Giving Experience.

Happy Harvest Time, Sunshines! While many of us are celebrating today with family and friends, eating great food and watching football, there are some who don't have family. Someone may not have a friend to receive that "Happy Thanksgiving" group text from or to call to say "Bring me a plate, please". Some of our military men and women are deployed and will not spend the holiday season with their families. While there are still others who feel the heavy hands of depression and loneliness. "What can I do? How can I help? I have a little or nothing at all." I remember one Thanksgiving, I didn't travel home to Georgia as I did every year. I decided that I wanted to give back in some way, however money wasn't plentiful and I had no idea how I could be a blessing to someone else. Then it hit me. I could give myself. I could make someone feel special by giving them my smile and by making them feel they mattered. And just like that, I got in my car and set out on my journey. Whether it was the young woman in the store or the man I encountered on the street, my mission was to give. I felt their gratefulness and it gave me great joy. That was the magic of giving and it was also the year I discovered the beauty in the giving the EXPERIENCE. I had always given money to charities or dropped clothes off at the Goodwill or Salvation Army, but I never met the people who benefited from it. Looking into the eyes of someone, shaking their hand, giving them a hug, laughing together, THAT is the experience. I was able to touch someone's life not just for the moment but for a lifetime. I challenge you to discover and find your own beauty in giving, everyday. Smiles, hugs, and kind words have endless value and costs nothing but your willingness and heart's intention. I am grateful for all of you and may your light continue to shine. To all who have lost a loved one, I know this season, whether through death or separation, can be difficult; May prayers of peace and positive energy comfort you. Be well, plant good seeds and prepare again for the harvest! GIVE and GIVE THANKS!