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5 Successful Authors Share How They Stay Motivated in Writing To Finish!

Finding the energy to stay motivated during the writing process can seem elusive at times. There are many distractions in life, some even self inflicted (Lol) that can deter us from writing to finish. However, many successful authors have managed to get over the hurdle of staying focused. Keep reading as 5 writers share their motivation and inspiration to push past the distractions and keep going!

Shavannah Moore, Motivational Speaker, Author and Visionary at DIVAS in the Kitchen

"What truly inspires me to keep going and to not stop until my voice is heard? 1- The ability to be FREE. Writing allows me to escape from the rest of the World, from my husband, from my kids...(and changing diapers lol) and just be FREE in my quiet place where it's just me, God, my pen and paper. 2- It allows me to share my stories-trials that have remained UNTOLD until now. 3- It allows me to fulfill my God given assignment to make an IMPACT on women across the nations through my VOICE but in a book form." Shavannah is also Co Author of the book "Chocolate and Diamonds"

Carla R. Cannon, Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of Women of Standard Network

"As a woman of faith called to write inspirationally to empower others, I remain motivated by knowing these writings are Holy Spirit inspired and that they are not my thoughts; for my purpose is to echo God's voice in the earth." Author of "A Single Woman's Focus" and the "The Power in Waiting."

Suzetta Perkins, Author, Speaker and Editor of

"I make it a habit to write every day...most times at the same time of day. By doing so, it becomes habit forming, and the desire to tell your story, give strength to your characters plight is increased two-fold. When I'm in the zone, I can't stop writing."

Val Jones, Broadcaster, Voice Actress, Griot and Oracle

"Nature walks do it for ME. I shut the world OUT for a few, go walking and just breeeeeathe. I get inspired by fresh air and just being one with nature. It helps to rejuvenate my mind, spirit and creativity." Read more about Val, at

Alberta Lampkin, Author of "Teach Me How to Fly"

"What motivates me to finish my writing projects would be: The thrill of accomplishment and the idea of my words living on. It certainly takes a strong sense of dedication and prayer."

I am super thrilled that these authors can identify with the "lack of motivation" syndrome and have provided great strategies to get over the hump. Wishing you much success in your writing goals and remember that you CAN do it when you put your mind to it! Happy Writing!