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What are you willing to GIVE UP to MOVE FORWARD?

No matter what has happened in our lives, this year has been amazing! EVERYthing, whether it made us laugh or cry, had a greater purpose. A purpose to strengthen us and to prepare us for the journey ahead. As we make ready to go into a new calendar year, there are many goals that we want to accomplish. However, some of those goals we cannot achieve UNLESS we take some counteractive measures. We MUST give up those things that are time stealers and dream killers. We MUST give up things and people who produce negative energy and suck the life right out of us. We MUST GIVE up what hinders us from MOVING FORWARD with what we want to accomplish. Over the coming weeks and last days of December, think about TEN things you are committed to GIVE UP to MOVE FORWARD. What you tolerated this year will not get a pass in 2017. Write them down and make the vision plain. Here are ones that I have already started: 1. Wasting time overthinking 2. Unclear boundaries 3. Procrastinating on goals that matter to me 4. Limiting my creativity 5. Taking responsibility for how someone else feels. 6. Shallow breathing 7. Not taking greater risks to avoid greater rejection 8. Wishing rather than creating 9. All judgments about anything and anyone 10. Not celebrating MORE of my accomplishments It is my intention that by "surrendering" these beliefs and patterns of behavior, I am able to move forward in peeling back yet another layer to reveal a deeper level of my authentic self. With each layer that comes off, more light that can be shone in the world. Be sure that when you're writing your list that you have a clear intention about what you want to experience by "giving up"!

I'm so excited about my continued growth. I hope you are about yours also. Let's take our lives up a notch and GIVE UP some things to MOVE FORWARD into our GREATER! Be Motivated and go BIG! Sincerely,

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