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Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Experience!

Hey Sunshines! Oftentimes we can go through heartache, heartbreak, disappointment, indifference and the like. Looking through the lens of hopelessness can cause the experience to be a negative one and you'll miss the beauty of it. However, when our lens is clear and focuses on the benefit of the experience, then we are not only able to face the challenge better, we are also able to glean a lesson from it. That lesson serves as a dot in life that eventually connects to other dots that will shape your legacy. Let's take the most recent Miss Universe pageant. The host, Steve Harvey, made a momentous mistake in crowning Miss Colombia when the actual winner was Miss Philippines. Although he offered sincerely apologies, a large part of social media had already put on a lens of negativity and missed an opportunity of positive importance. Changing the perspective to garner a fresh, positive view, this mix up has given Miss Colombia a HUGE platform to do GREATER things. People probably wouldn't have remembered her if she was announced as 1st Runner Up. Now, she has been catapulted in front of millions. People everywhere are speaking her name. This is how we should view life's darts. They will be thrown at you however when we change the perspective, find the positive, and allow that to power our passion, we can change the experience! There's always a silver, gold and platinum lining. We simply have to seek it out. Everything happens for a reason. Use ALL things that happen in your life be mold you to BE BETTER! Be Motivated and go BIG on this Monday! Sincerely,