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Draw, Paint, Write on the Walls, Be Inspired!

Hey Sunshines! When I was growing up there was a hallway from the front door that led to the staircase. In that hallway, my mother allowed us (4 children) to write and draw on those walls. In our house that was normal and it was fascinating to walk the hall and see the art that my brothers had drawn or the poems and written expressions that my sister and I had penned. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized the magnitude of what my mother did. MOST people that I know don't allow their children to "mark up" the walls, so this allowance my mother afforded us was HUGE. She not only gave us the permission to be expressive, she nurtured our creative passion. It wasn't until recently that I asked her WHY she allowed us to do that. Her reason and wisdom behind her doing it made me appreciate her all the more. Be on the lookout for the rest of that story in a new book I'm writing to honor the lessons that she's taught me over the years. Because of her, I Am Beautifully Inspired!