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Empower Yourself!

Happy Friday, Sunshines!

I have some GREAT news and one of the BEST announcements ever! Are you ready? Here goes. EMPOWER means "to authorize", "to enable" or "to permit". MY mission is NOT to empower you! I cannot GIVE you what you already have. You were CREATED with AUTHORITY! My purpose is to help others AWAKEN the POWER within and give THEMSELVES permission to BE great! Ain't that good news?!!!! BEAUTY and GREATNESS already resides within us. We can write our OWN stories beautiful. Remember that we have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired! I'm excited about that! ♡ xoxo ♡ #inspirethespirit #empowHERed #bebeautifullyinspired #IAmBeautifullyInspired #writeyourstorybeautiful


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