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Create an Ideal Story of Your Future and Keep Repeating It to Yourself Until It Manifests!

On January 1st, I made a secret agreement with myself to throw away the box of discomfort for public speaking. Soon after, I was receiving phone calls, emails and referrals for bookings for the next 6 months (and STILL receiving them). I NEVER promoted or marketed my speaking brand. When we make an agreement with ourselves and begin speaking it in the atmosphere, the universe has no choice but to conspire to make it happen. Create an ideal story of your future and keep telling it to yourself over and over again. It WILL manifest! Last week I enrolled in the Les Brown Immersion Speakers Training Program. To receive coaching from this man is INCREDIBLE! I'm about to get into some coursework now. In addition to#writingmystorybeautiful I'll soon be#speakingmystorybeautiful! ♡ xoxo ♡


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