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EmpowHERed Woman | Laneisha Lamb | "There is so much power in our thoughts; once you believe yo

Laneisha Lamb is such a real, transparent and dynamic woman. I can say emphatically that she is a woman of VISION. I have a personal connection to her as she and I would text all day everyday, bouncing ideas off each other, dreaming of big things together, and encouraging one another to be GREAT.

A sought after fashion designer, Laneisha constructed her first garment just on pure passion and free hand. After her grandmother passed, she sat down at her sewing machine and vowed that she would learn to sew. That she did. From those humble beginnings, she launched her own brand and boutique perfectly called, Pretty Geeky Bowtique.

Although design was her passion, becoming fit and helping others to be successful on their fitness journey was also a dream hers. In 2015, she manifested that dream into reality. She first dedicated herself into getting in shape and uses herself and a living model and testimony for others to lose the weight and get fit. She became a licensed Zumba Instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer at Gridiron 24/7 gym.

Whatever Laneisha puts her mind to, she accomplishes. In addition to being a fashion designer and fitness trainer, she is also an author, radio personality, mother, daughter, sister, friend and indeed an EmpowHERed Woman!

Read more of her story below.

Schan: What was your motivation in becoming a fashion designer and ultimately founding Pretty Geeky Bowtique?

Laneisha: Actually, becoming a Fashion Designer and founding the Pretty Geeky Bowtique are completely separate. In 2014 when I started my company my focus was bowties, I designed for weddings, children and even women who liked to dress out of the box. I had always had dreams of making my own clothes but never thought I actually would or could for that matter. It wasn’t until I tried that my dreams and my reality became friends. I founded PGB because I always wanted to own my own business and I love creating. I became a Fashion Designer because I strongly dislike having an idea in my mind and being unable to find it in the stores.

Schan: Masterminding with you has been an experience and I can attest to your passion. What does passion mean to you? How to do you use it to grow to your business?

Laneisha: Passion is something that fuels even when I feel I can’t go another step. My desire to be creative, to create something different and impact people’s lives is what grows my business. People gravitate towards me because I don’t stop. I am extremely passionate about the goals I have set for myself and I am not afraid to put myself out there. People can respect that and in turn want to support me.

Schan: I for one do support you! As a woman in business, how do you empower other women?

Laneisha: I empower others through the platforms I have built for myself, whether that be by creating an opportunity to share their journey with the world via my radio segment, or by being transparent in my flaws or even by creating ways for us to work together so that we both benefit. I believe strongly in the saying “teamwork makes the dream work,” and I feel that we accomplish so much more united than we ever will divided.

Schan: You are absolutely right! Unity has U and I in it. So we know that you inspire others. What makes you Beautifully Inspired?

Laneisha: I am inspired in so many ways. At the core of me I am a creative person. I write poetry; this is one of the main ways in which I express myself and I allow this form of expression to inspire me and others. Additionally, I am an extremely observant person. I analyze people, I ask a lot of questions. I guess you can say I rely heavily on my discovery skills. In so doing I am easy to relate to because I force myself to understand on various levels, I am easy to talk to and I am really good at analyzing situations. Not to toot my own horn but being quiet so many years, reading and watching people, things that used to have me labeled as a nerd, now is a source of strength.

Schan: Haha, I like the word nerd. If you could think of ONE word that describes you, what would it be and why?

Laneisha: One word that describes me is relentless. I am non-stop. I am constantly going, constantly pushing myself to improve in some area of my life.

Schan: What is your greatest life lesson?

Laneisha: My greatest life lesson is learning to believe in myself and invest in me. All too often we pour ourselves into other things thinking that eventually it will serve some purpose to us and we end up neglecting ourselves. Growing up my grandmother always told me I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to. And, even though her words have remained with me all these years there were times where I felt I had limits. There were times where I felt there were only certain things I could do. There were even times where I felt it necessary to dumb myself down to seem more normal. I am so glad that I have grown from that person. I am glad that I realized that the words my grandmother said to me so long ago were true. There is so much power in our thoughts; once you believe you can't, you won't.

Schan: You are speaking truth. Our thoughts are very powerful and can be the death and life of you. On a final notes, what advice would you give readers in stepping out on faith and following their dreams?

Laneisha: My advice to readers is to spend time with yourself. There are things inside us that are not only blessings to us but also to other people. If you don’t take the time to listen to you, to know you, to love, you may miss it. Don’t do you yourself or this world the disservice of hiding your gifts. I think this is extremely important as it relates to faith. Faith boils down to trust, if you don’t trust yourself how will you trust God. He is empowering you, he has empowered you and equipped you with gifts, don’t overlook them.

What an awesome discussion with the the awesomely humble and insightful, Laneisha Lamb. Allow this story of triumph to inspire and give you permission to awaken your own empowerment. Remember that BEAUTY and GREATNESS resides within. Remember that you have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired!


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