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Get Out of Your Own Way!

Something strange is going on today! I got another story. It's long but y'all stick with me. I'm going somewhere here! Lol... So I meet a friend today to get a quick bite to eat. When I get there, someone is already sitting with her at the table. She introduces me as an author and him as Rev. "ABC", Pastor of "XYZ" church. We have a conversation about politics, the educational system, the degradation of hip hop music (and he brought that up!), etc. At the end of our conversation, he asked me nothing about what I've written. Odd since that's how I was introduced. Instead, he said he was expanding the church and wanted to know if I did Public Relations. Sure I do! I dig around in my purse (I keep forgetting to put more business cards in there) I find the last one and give it to him. Now to the VERY VERY strange part. My dryer went out so I stopped by the appliance store before going back to my office. I had to be quick because I needed to be on a conference call. I get out the car, I'm walking fast and all of a sudden (I have NO idea where she came from) an elderly lady held out her arm and stopped me in my tracks (where did she get that strength from?). She looks, no pierces my eyes for what seemed like forever then asks, "Are you an evangelist?" "No Ma'am" I respond, trying to walk away but she was holding my arm. "Yes, you are." she told me. "No I'm not." I said again and really wanting her to let me go. "What's your name?" she asks. "Schan" "Ok Evangelist Schan, I need you to come over to my church and speak" By now I'm taking deep breaths and giving her a slight, not full, side eye (I didn't want to get smacked). I'm pressed for time AND she keeps calling me Evangelist and I DO NOT like being called any title. I just prefer Schan. "It's just Schan" I say trying not to be disrespectful. I didn't even acknowledge that she'd asked me to come speak. "I know what I'm talking about. Give me your business card Evangelist Schan and we'll set it up." I'm smiling because I knew I had just given my last card away! BUT she didn't take that as an answer and asked the store clerk for paper and pen then shoved it in my hands. 'Write it" she says with authority. As I'm obeying, I asked her name. She says, "Evangelist Betty White". All I could think about was Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls and entertained the thought of writing the wrong number but I didn't. Lol... She took the piece of paper, tore it in half then gave me her number. She then asked. "Have you had children of your own?"

"No ma'am.

""Don't worry. You will!", smacks my hips then walk away, out the door.

I go in a few steps towards the dryer section and was immediately convicted! JUST yesterday, I shared how speaking engagements were coming to me without asking. I turn around, run out the door to find her. I don't know why or what I would say when I found her. I just wanted to see her again, but I saw her nowhere. I got in my car and drove the block seeing if I saw her driving away or something. I didn't and I was left thinking I wish I had made the time to speak with her more. I did give her the right number so hopefully she'll call! Lol

Moral of the Story: 1) Don't miss out on an opportunity because you're in your feelings about something. Being called an evangelist wasn't that serious. In fact I looked it up when I got in the car and it means MORE than what I thought. and 2) We never know whose holding a puzzle piece to our purpose. Be discerning and get out of the ego self. Our divine selves depend on that.