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Five Surefire Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Gain Mental Clarity

Hey Sunshines!

Personally speaking, when my office, kitchen or any other space I'm in is a mess, I feel out of balance and somewhat creatively sluggish. Growing up even my Dad used to tell me a clean car rides better. I had to find that out for myself and guess what? It actually does! (smile). The ride feels much lighter and smoother. Even when I hit bumps, it doesn't impact me as much. That's how I want the ride on my journey of life to be.

The flow of energy is powerful, however it can also get trapped when it doesn't have space to move or be free. That's why even when you have things under your bed or your closets and pantries are packed, stacked and out of whack, although you may not physically see those things on a day to day basis, the energy that these objects produce can affect your life.

Everything has its own vibrational frequency - the table - the bed - the car - the light pole - even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by The Law of Vibration. This law states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, when it is broken down in it's purest and most basic form, it consists of pure energy or light which then resonates as a vibration.

The physical mess becomes a metaphor for fogginess or overwhelming feelings that we may experience on a day to day basis, which adds up to a foggy or overwhelming life experience. Letting go of the mess in our physical space will help us to be conscious and aware to begin cleaning up the messes of our minds and body. Decluttering can be hard, but is so rewarding and well worth it.

What's also worth it, is flipping this strategy around and declutter from the inside out. Every Spring and Winter, I clean out my closets and get rid of excess. This is my time to give away and be a blessing to someone else. That's considered a physical decluttering. At the same time, I also do an internal spring and winter cleaning. Months of outside noise and distractions, trials and trauma, negative verbal seeds and gossip (even if you're not engaged in it yourself, but remember EVERYTHING has a vibration and you could have simply overheard it somewhere) can get trapped in the crevices of our internal spaces. Although I meditate daily, I use these two sacred times to DETOX and enjoy a DEEPER MEDITATION experience.

Here are five surefire ways that I practice that helps me to declutter my mind and gain mental clarity.

1. Practice Gratitude

One of the most concise ways to clear our mental clutter is being grateful. Saying "thank you" with sincerity is like an electrical current that powers your joy. Each morning when I awake, I say thank you. This thankfulness that I have each morning is towards God, the Spirit who breathed life into my lungs. I'm thankful that because I am alive, I have another day to walk out my mission to inspire as many people as a I can. Begin a ritual of saying "thank you" not just when you wake up, but also throughout the day. Practicing gratitude will not only impact your own life, it will pleasantly impact the people you encounter.

2. Practice Non-Judgment
When we judge every single thing that happens in our lives, we form tiny little cubicles in our minds where we store these thoughts and questions. Asking ourselves, What, Why, When, How, and Who fills up our mental capacity and it becomes more difficult to be creative or to simply BE. You don't have to know the answer to every question or have an opinion about every situation. Each day, remind yourself, not to judge anything.

3. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Make a list of all of your desires and be intentional when you do so. Carry this list wherever you go and look at it in the morning, before you go to bed and before you meditate. Mediation, being in silence, controlling our thoughts and manifesting a state of deep peace, helps us to bring balance and harmony to our minds. When we do this, we are releasing our desires into the womb of creation, being at peace while allowing the universe to do it's perfect work. 4. Practice Acceptance

When we embrace the moment that is happening to us, we are trusting that when things don’t appear to go the way we planned or in our favor that there is a reason. God has a much grander design than what we could ever imagine. We have to support ourselves in accepting that this moment that is occurring is happening just as it should be and is a culmination of all the moments that happened before it. Refuse to allow any stumbling block, hardship or challenge to consume your mind and take your attention away from being present and being in the moment. When these challenges come, stop, take a step back and breathe through it. The more you pay attention to something, the more it controls you. Remember that you've been intentional with your desires and it is those intentions that will manifest your future.

5. Practice Stretching and Breathing Techniques

I love yoga and doing all of the poses and warrior moves. However, if you feel like busting a move, do that! I enjoy Zumba every now and then! Stretch every part of you; sweat included. Stretching can calm you down as well as being physically active can release endorphins. Endorphins are our body's magic hormones, that when released in large amounts, can make us feel relaxed or fill us with energy. Whatever stretching and/or activity you embrace, be sure to sync your breath. Pranayamas are yoga breathing exercises that uses specific rhythms and techniques to bring us several benefits on our mental, emotional and physical levels. These powerful breathing techiniques can calm the mind, rejuvinate the body, increase positivity and much more. Take a moment each day, to practice these techniques and watch your mind become clearer and more focused.

I not only write about these techniques and recommend them to my clients, I also DO them. They have helped me to bring myself back centered and helps me to be aware of the moment and clear about my intentions. I believe these techniques can do that for you too.

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Beauty and Greateness already resides within us. Remember that we have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired!