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What Should I Be Doing? Here Are 5 Signs to Help Your Discover Your Calling

Whatever you are doing right now, whether you are a writer, published author, art director, image consultant, educator or other kind of creative entrepreneur, you are in a position and have a platform to empower and inspire! Isn't that exciting?

My next question is, have your discovered your Calling and are you walking in that now? The Calling is an infinite wisdom that we all have. The core of who we are houses our truth and is associated with every aspect of our life. We have an unrelenting gut connection to things that we are purposed to do.

Here are 5 signs to help Your discover or know that you've found your Calling

#1 SIGN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CALLING: It's something other people see in you. Oftentimes others see it in us, before we see it in ourselves

I remember some years ago whenever I was asked to speak, I would get so upset! How dare someone ask me to speak when I am a writer?!!!! Years later, I am an inspirational speaker. I didn't want to accept the truth of what I already knew because of fear. I was afraid to speak in front of people so I rejected the idea of accepting THAT call.

What are some calls that you know are your truth, but because of fear you haven't fully answered?

#2 SIGN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CALLING: It's NOT self-serving. It's BIGGER than you! What we are purposed to do, whether that is through writing books, transforming lives with make up artistry, coaching a sports team, singing, etc, the gift is for the GREATER good. The Calling will not just benefit you personally, but rather will inspire others that come across and into your path.

In what ways do you feel you inspire others?

#3 SIGN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CALLING: It frustrates you when you see it being done incorrectly. If it really gets underneath your skin, especially if you KNOW that you have a solution, this is a Call. It does not mean that you slight the organizer; it simply means that you have grace to do it. For example, you get frustrated when an event is unorganized, missing key points, has gaps in the program, etc. You see MORE than an opportunity to complain about the problem, you also have a solution to offer. If this happens consistently, then Event Planning may be your Calling. You can offer a service to others to help them be better planners, you can create workshops teaching the subject, or you can plan events yourself. Remember, the Calling is not about you. It's for the GREATER good!

Take some time to reflect over your life. What frustrates you? What solutions can you provide to rectify or remedy the situation? It's in you. Seek, Search and Pull it Out!

#4 SIGN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CALLING: It does not compete with your priorities. Instead it complements them. Your Calling(s), yes plural because you will discover that you have MORE THAN ONE, harmonizes with everything else going on in your life. If you are doing something and it is constantly going against the grain of your peace, keeps you off balance, has no real positive input or brings no value to your life, let it go. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it, it simply doesn't belong. Answering a call that doesn't belong to you does no one any good. ‪

Do you have anything that you're doing right now that's competing with your priorities?

#5 SIGN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CALLING: Lastly, the purpose of your Calling is to guide you on your personal spiritual journey. Through time, your call will evolve and you'll begin to think about how your calling can contribute to humanity and leave a legacy. Evolution and contribution are the gifts of your calling.

How will you use you Calling to contribute the world?

I pray these 5 signs have inspired and will give you the clarity you need in order to know when you’ve been aligned with your Calling. The more you are aligned, the more you can contribute and enjoy your soulful journey.

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Beauty and Greatness resides with you. Remember that you have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired!


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