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Purposeful Intentions™ | "Its never too late to start truly living." | Brittany Sweat, Gue

Hi, my name is Brittany Sweat and I would like to share my story.

My mother found out I was a lesbian at 13 years old. I'll never forget that night. We had the conversation in the kitchen. My exact words to her was "I am who I am, I cannot explain why I feel this way but I do". That was because I was living my truth. She had accepted me and loved me until my father found out. It wasn't until my senior year of high school, where my father gave me an ultimatum. Either "that lifestyle" or my family. At 17 years old I'm faced with a life changing decision. I chose my family.

For seven years I was unhappy and making poor life decisions. At 23, my father told me he would stop speaking to me if he found out I was still dating women. I lived undercover for many years. It wasn't until the age of 24 when I decided to stop living for others and live for me. That was just the beginning! I started to discover who Brittany is and what makes her happy. From then on, I didn't alter who I was and am as a person.

Once I officially made that change, everything around me shifted. My love life, my spiritual life, my relationship with my family, and career. I'm more at peace, I'm the most happiest I've ever been, and guess what?! I'm just getting started!! The summer of 2015, my father had finally accepted me for who I am and that love is love. Our relationship is the best it's ever been.

I wrote this to inspire anyone to just be true to you. As long as you're happy with self everything else will fall in place. Because I closed my own self off and put myself in a box , everything around me seemed impossible to accomplish and achieve. My vision was extremely cloudy. Love you first because that's where it starts. Never allow anyone to make you feel that you are wrong for being you, especially family. A lot of us sacrifice our happiness because of family. If you stand firm in what you believe in, they will eveually respect your decision and continue to love you. I encourage you to dig deep within yourself and ask yourself, have I placed myself in a box? Its never too late to start truly living.

Peace, Love & Light,


Brittany Sweat is a 28 year old Hampton, Newport News, Virginia native. She has been serving in the United States Army for 9 years and is currently in school pursing a degree in Human Services. She loves to read, travel and simply enjoy life. You can reach her on Instagram @bstarrbella, Snap Chat @kisssb and on Facebook, Brittany IamAfrikan Sweat.

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