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Maximize Your Sunday!

Hey Sunshines! Many of us are celebrating the Fathers and Father Figures in our lives. However, here are 6 steps you can maximize tonight to prepare for the upcoming week!

S - SET YOUR INTENTION for the next 7 days. If you don't know what you want to accomplish each day just yet, start with Monday.

U - UNDERSTAND that you must be adaptable in order to be successful. Create a schedule that's flexible to keep you on track. If something happens that gets you off track, no worries. It's not the end of the world. Adapt and continue to the finish line.

N - NURTURE and NOURISH your mind to help manifest your intentions. Learn by studying and being mentored by someone who can support you in gaining clarity. Feed your spirit with positive affirmations

D - DE-CLUTTER your physical space. Shred papers that no longer serves you any purpose. Place books, pens, notebooks, etc back in their place. This allows creative energy to flow freely and not become blocked by things that are "in the way"

A - ACKNOWLEDGE that you have goals to accomplish and AVOID getting caught up in pettiness. Stay out of other people's dramatic episodes, in real life and the cyber world. Compartmentalizing mental junk will clog up your capacity to be productive.

Y - YOU MATTER. Begin your day with gratitude. Yes, you have an other opportunity to positively impact the lives of others but also an opportunity to LOVE ON YOU. Taking care of YOURSELF first is not selfish, but "SELFULL." Take time to get quiet and to self reflect. Be honest with yourself in areas you feel needs improving. Last, embrace and end the day with gratitude; accepting that everything that happened was a lesson and a blessing.

Maximize Your Sunday!

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