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Monday Matters | Have You Stopped Dreaming?

Happy Monday, Sunshines!

During a coaching session on yesterday, my client made a very profound statement of "Dreaming is a waste of my time. I'd rather just do the work."

It's true that if dreaming doesn't lead you to DO the work, then it's pointless. However what makes one stop dreaming? What makes us stop dreaming about what who it is we wanted to be when we were young, outside playing with mud pies? What happened to the dream of starting your business or writing your life story? What happened?

When we stop dreaming, we start dying. We lose the passion and the purpose for what we want to do. We reject the calling we have within us.

One of my favorite quotes is "At some point, most of us stop living out imagination and start living our of memory. Instead of creating the future, we start repeating the past" ~ Mark Batterson.

Dreaming is NOT a waste of your time when it becomes a vision, you set your intention and you create action steps that prepare you to bring the dream to pass.

Ask yourself again, have you stopped dreaming?

YOU MAY HAVE STOPPED DREAMING IF: 1. Getting up for work is a hassle. You only do it out of duty. 2. You limit yourself and the possibilities of what you can do based upon your current situation. 3. You are fixated solely on productivity, being busy. and the bottom line. 4. You're so occupied that you have no energy to think about the bigger picture of WHY you do what you do. Instead you only think in terms of HOW you are going to do it. 5. Imagination is sacrificed for logical thinking.

Dreaming is wildly effective in growing your business and/or becoming a greater version of yourself. Your dreams are mental images of how you can make a positive impact on the world. A dream doesn't present itself as a logical plan. It goes FAR FAR FAR beyond what you can tangibly see right now. Dreaming aids in awakening your greatness!


Here are few ways that can ignite your dream life!

1. ADMIT to yourself that you are living a life WITHOUT dreams. Honoring yourself by speaking the truth, will help you heal from your un-awakened dream state.

2. Take some time alone, shut off everything (television, cell phone, computer, outside distractions) and really travel back to your childhood. Find that memory, if you can, of the child who dreamed about being an actress, doctor, teacher, etc and examine that dream. Rekindle the reason you had the dream in the first place and explore the reasons WHY you aren't living out that dream now. It could be that you simply changed your mind or it could be deeper than that. This time travel may help you to spark imagination again and recall DIFFERENT dreams throughout your life.

3. Search your mind NOW in this moment. You may not be dreaming, however you still may have ideas. Ideas about what your perfect life looks like. Ideas about your personal development. Ideas about your business. Ideas about your dream car or how much money you want to have in the bank. Write down the ideas. Some of those ideas are seeds to a new dream.

4. From your list, set your intention (on the seeds you want to become dreams that ultimately manifest) by beginning with the words,

- "I AM" (think in terms of BEing. For example, I AM LOVE, I AM CONFIDENT, etc. Who is it that you need to BE in order to achieve the dream),

- "I CAN DO" (What is it that you need to do to have the dream realized?), and lastly

- "I HAVE" (whatever the dream is)

Write these affirming statements down and repeat them to yourself OUT LOUD. Follow up by creating action steps that will help you BE, DO and HAVE the dream manifested.

5. At some point and when the time is right, share your dream with someone you TRUST. It takes courage to speak our dreams out loud even to ourselves, but this also gives the fuel to making our dreams come alive again!

If your core values include faith and spirituality, I will encourage you to also pray and mediate for guidance. Greatness is within you. You can have MORE than you've imagined. If you're going to dream DREAM BIG!

As the quote Les Brown and Norman Vincent Peale have made so famous, "Shoot for the stars and even if you miss, you'll be among the stars."

I'm dreaming with you...


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