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Monday Matters | Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Fear | Guest Blogger, Anissa Short, PhD

The spirit of fear is not always an immediate sense of terror. It will sometime disguise itself as complacency, indecisiveness or procrastination. It hides itself in our excuses and our tendency to misappropriate our time or priorities. Fear makes one satisfied with mediocrity even when they want more. Fear echoes in our memories, in the words spoken in our past, and the pain and hurts that we choose to never let go. Fear causes one to over analyze and thrives in stagnation. Fear kills dreams and destroys legacies. It is the adversary of unity and by its power ignorance prevails. Fear is an enemy always and when it is allowed space in our mind or in time, nothing good can be expected to come from it. Fear is not of God.

Anissa Short is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics She is one who loves life, laughs often and knows that all things are possible to them that believe.

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