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Are You On the VERGE of a Breakthrough? | What I Know Now

Hey Sunshines,

At one time or another I'm willing to bet that you've been on the edge of giving up. Maybe you're there now.

"There now" feels like it's too much. It seems as if all is going wrong. When plans are made to go right, they turn out left. Unexpected bills come. Sickness comes. Distractions come. Everything is coming EXCEPT what you want to appear.

The whole horrifying ordeal seems difficult and impossible!

Yes! I have been at that "there now" place before. Tired. Worn down. Broken even. This oftentimes is the VERGE of the breakthrough!


The "there now" place is better known as the breaking point. When we reach a breaking point, it is an alert that we must make a choice. We can choose to give up and not take responsibility for how we feel, think, say and do in this space OR we can declare a break down and hold ourselves accountable to creating a new experience.

Beloveds, sometimes to get to our breakTHROUGH we may have to declare breakDOWNS and decree breakUPS!

We may have to say goodbye to people, places and things that no longer serve our highest good.

Are you willing to do what is absolutely necessary, even if that means walking away from everything to reclaim your power and peace of mind?

When we are in the process of breaking, it can be a challenging experience. This is the time we must decide if we will be overcome, or we will OVERCOME. There are three steps, world renowned life coach, Tony Robbins shares on one of his podcasts I have the opportunity to listen to recently.

1. Change your strategy. The best mindset can’t overcome a bad plan. “Running east looking for a sunset, I don’t care how positive you are, I don’t care how hard you work at it, it’s not going to work, it’s the wrong strategy,” says Robbins. He suggests you find people who’ve achieved turnarounds and transformations and study what went right.

2. Change your story. Common excuses like “I’m just not good at relationships,” or “Only those born rich get richer” are stories we tell ourselves that keep us from implementing our goals. Robbins says we must divorce ourselves from stories that limit us in order to unlock true potential.

3. Change your state. If you’re constantly stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated, you won’t have the fuel to implement your goals. Instead, you’ll develop a dis-empowering story, telling yourself that nothing can change and that nothing works. Find a way to recharge. Your mental and emotional state determines your perception on life, and is essential to any breakthrough.

CHANGE is a very big component of moving towards breaking through. You must be willing to change your thoughts, your mind and how you move! It is essential to your growth and seeing the light at the end of the perceived dark places.

If you are ready to have what you really, really want and need to create a living vision for your life, I'd love to support you in getting clear and manifesting your breakthough. Apply for your FREE Life Coaching LOVE SESSION with me and Let's Connect! Your NEXT Decision, Will Change Your DESTINY! You have a Special Gift. Beauty and Greatness abides within you! You have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired!


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