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The Value in Doing Your Work

Hey Sunshines! What a year...THIS June, I completed one of the most significant assignments of my life! Twelves months prior was the beginning of what I deem "My Omega Experience!" June 27, 2016 it happened. My head was spinning. My body got numb. My breath began to race and I felt that I could just float away. Where to I didn’t know. I had no idea what I was experiencing or what I was about to experience come July 3rd, the day I began my travel to Rhinebeck, NY for summer intensive personal development with Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and the Inner Visions Institute. I asked myself was I losing my mind. The answer I know now, is oh hell yes! Of course I didn't know it then however I was embarking upon a journey of losing the mind that carried old thoughts, patterns of beliefs and behaviors. I was about to be introduced to my inner children, my many identities, ancestors who come to visit and even work on my behalf. What. In. The. Entire. World. Was. Happening? What saved me from running away in the midst of this stretching, this darkness, was my willingness to do a new thing. I had no idea that my world was going to be flipped upside down but I ain’t no quitter! On the one hand my ego said “Keep the mask on, keep pretending. You’re intelligent enough to fool them as you’ve fooled everyone else in your life. Don’t give up now!” On this year long journey, I did give up though. I gave up my need to be right and perfect. I gave up the judgments that I held about myself and other people. I gave up the distorted meanings I had given to things and situations. It was as if there was some awakening, a rebirth, a getting up of myself. My true self. This happened as I began to develop and devote time in a disciplined, daily spiritual practice. I moved from half ass’ing it, to really praying, meditating, visualizing and manifesting. I gathered courage to go into the dark places within and confront my own self, acknowledging and accepting the naked, microscopic, truth. I found that I was angry, fearful, emotionally suppressed and I packaged it all up in a pretty bow and nice smile. I realized that I was a liar, living out of integrity. I know that the more I surrender to my healing and be who I am authentically, the less influence my ego will have. Until now, my ego has been driving my life. Once I got a glimpse into how it felt to be authentic, to really uncovering the Divine Truth about myself, I was willing to be challenged, called out on my BS, and loved through it all. With every life assignment, with every stretch… I got clear. I created a vision for my life. I became intentional. I found value in doing my work and there is value in doing yours! Through my own transformational journey, I have learned the art of preserving a space for others to get in the dirt, be pruned and nurtured, holding the highest space for them to bloom into who they BE. Three valuable lessons I LEARNED and RE-AFFIRMED to myself on this journey were:

  1. The answers and everything I need is already in me. I am powerful to shift my consciousness and create with my thoughts! I know that all things begin in the mind.

  2. I am courageous and capable to face even the most difficult challenge, survive and come out better than before. I can go to the deep, dark places within and tell the truth about myself.

  3. Feeling feelings won’t kill me. In fact expressing myself contributes to me living better. Carrying negative, pinned up energy is not loving. I now fully love and embrace myself. All of me.

Inner work works! Getting up underneath emotions, patterns and limiting thoughts, cutting to the root of the issue, will support you in learning, healing and living better. I've gone through the process. Now I'm here to facilitate you going through yours. If you are ready to have what you really, really want and need to create a living vision for your life, I'd love to support you in getting clear and manifesting your desires. Apply for your

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