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What I Know Now | We Can Learn A Lot From Mice

Happy Monday, Sunshines!

Simply, mice can be food for other animals.

"...for this reason, they must be very careful about how they move, where they move and when they move. They don't eat from every hand. They must first know you and feel comfortable around you. Mice know that they must be flexible in order to get in to and out of tight places safely. The mouse teaches us to pay attention to details. Things like cheese in a trap! Mice know that there are details which if ignored, could cost you your hide.

Caution in movement. Focus of direction. Scrutiny of association. Flexibility. The mouse teaches us that it is possible to move in and out of the experiences of our lives without being trapped. The key is to be aware of what you doing at all times. " Iyanla Vanzant from the book of Until Today.

My mother always quotes a part of scripture that says, "Watch as well as pray." There will be times when something looks tempting and we think we can "make it safely", we must remember the mouse. Be watchful and cautious in movement. Distractions may come to get us off course, but remember to be steadfast and keep focused on your direction. Another saying my mother used to share with me as a child is, "Birds of a feather, flock together." In other words, be careful of the company you keep. Like the mouse, scrutinize your associations. Lastly, everything my not go according to your personal plan. Be flexible and trust that God's plan is perfect. Be willing and ready to shift.


There is a lesson in all things, even the things we judge as small and creepy. In our movement through life, be open to discovering new possibilities, new ways of being and new experiences.

When we go through life using the principles of the mice, we can live life in a way that strengthens awareness and get us into places that other cannot go!

Imagine that :-)


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