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Beloved, Are Your Breathing?

Hey Sunshines! Last night I co-facilitated a webinar called Hurricane Relief for the Soul. My sister, Coach Tiffany, a resident of Houston, TX, wanted to create a space where people could learn tools and strategies to support them after the physical storm and the storms of life! My topic of discussion was BREATH. Oftentimes in life when we go through lows and downs. We get angry, sad, disappointed, and heartbroken. These are called upsets. Upsets are anything that disrupts our personal peace and calm. When these upsets come, many times we hold out breath. We take small grasps of air and keep moving. This kind of shallow breathing does not work out well for us! Consciously taking a moment to pause and breath: 1. Reminds us that we are connected to our Source of Life 2. Shifts our experience moment by moment 3. Recalibrates our mind and supports us in balancing our being. When we take a moment to breathe, really breathe, we refocus ourselves back to the present moment. Our mind, body and breath are all directly aligned. Our thoughts influences our bodies, which influences our breath. For example, having thoughts that cause us to worry can make our hearts beat fast and can cause us to have anxiety which cause us to have fast, heavy breathing. In the same breath (pun intended) when we take a deep breath, it calms us and influences encouraging thoughts. Breathing is a tool that is very powerful! When we don't take full breaths, we suffocate. Starting today, commit to taking at least five minutes to pause, bring your awareness to the present moment and breathe. Soon you'll be doing this on the elevator, while riding in your car or even standing in line at the grocery store when you feel like all hell is breaking loose. "Great call!! Took notes and REALLY connected with the breathing part.... During the storm I kept taking DEEP breaths..... I am NOW aware this was a way to connect to God! WHEW🙌🏽...Thank you to all the coaches on the call. htownbreathe" ~ C. Martin This was a testimony from one of the participants. Just know that you can SHIFT your experience in just ONE BREATH. Breathe! You have a Special Gift. Beauty and Greatness abides within you! You have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired! Sincerely,