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Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom!

Hey Sunshines! What I have accepted from all the experiences in my own life is that at all times, under all circumstances and in every situation, there is a divine message for me to learn, heal and live better. I acknowledge that mistakes move me to make another choice and that what I define as failure is actually fertilizer to assist me on my growth journey. We all have the power to do this because greatness is innately ingrained within us. That power is our weapon; it is the Spirit of the Most High. That Spirit and ours are one. It assures us that if we keep fighting, keep pushing, keep walking, that one day it will become apparently clear that all things work together for our good! This video was an awesome reminder to that our wounds can be turned into wisdom when we allow ourselves to be open and willing to see the possibilities! May you use this as your motivation for the week. You have a Special Gift. Beauty and Greatness abides within you! You have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired! Sincerely,

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