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Responsibility Includes Forgiveness, First to Yourself!

Simply. Forgive everyone for everything

...beginning with YOURSELF!  

This is the level of responsibility that we must strive towards IF we want to learn, heal, and live better lives. Taking RESPONSIBILITY gives us the power to CREATE something new!  Unforgiveness will keep you stuck in the very thing you want OUT of. Ho'oponopono is a POWERFUL process that supports you in the process of reconciliation and forgiveness, including the reconciling and forgiving of YOURSELF. Here are the steps that's best repeated first aloud then in the quietness of your mind. STEP 1: I AM SO, SO SORRY STEP 2: PLEASE FORGIVE ME STEP 3: THANK YOU STEP 4: I LOVE YOU. Ponder these powerfully energetic words. Set your intention and do the necessary thing to move you forward. FORGIVE!  Towards Embracing Courage,